Getting Here

Turn left

Its an adventure. No, more like a treasure hunt.

Before You Get Here

sandy shade in whispering palms

We're not a five star hotel...

We are a resort, not a five star hotel. The concept with which the resort was established, is to give you a different experiencefrom what you are used to in the city. Our guests say we are in the "middle of nowhere", which is exactly the point. We know you are used to sharp waiters, smartly dressed hotel staff and all. When you are visiting, please remove that expectation, and just come with an open mind.

Two Ways To Get Here

By Road

The most common way to get to the resort is by road. As you probably already know, the road to Badagry is not the best of routes. Apart from the work being done by the Federal Government, the road is usually intermittently bad in several places. This is usually worse during the rains. However, work is currently going on, and the bad portions of the road have been filled.
Now, when you get to Aradagun bus stop and make a left turn into the village, the road gets much better. The Lagos state government is currently working on the Aradagun-Whispering Palms road. As at the time of writing this, one full lane has been completly finished, with interlocking tiles and has created a beautiful pathway for about 60% of the journey. Vehicles currently use this finished lane, and this part of the journey is such a breeze.

By Boat

The experience of travelling to Whispering Palms by boat is such a beautiful experience, that I cant wait to give you the load down.
First, there are two ways to get here by boat. You can take the comercial boats, or you can simply charter a boat.
To take the comercial boat, get to CMS in Lagos island. Enter a boat going to Apapa. When you get to Apapa, take a bike going to Liverpool. At Liverpool, you will see boats going to Badagry. Join them and tell them to stop you as close as possible to Whispering Palms. Infact, they might even stop you at our jetty. Make sure you give us a call when you are coming, so we recieve you at the jetty.
The second option is to take a chartered boat. These boats take between 10 to 30 persons, and is very helpful if you are coming as a group. Whatever route you decide, we can help you make the arrangements.