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Bicycle Rides


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This ride takes up to 4 adults

Choose between the 1, 2 or 4 seats.

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Fun for the family

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bicycle rides at whispering palms Contributed by @star080ae

Get on a family bicycle rides with up to 4 seats. The infants can even seat in the front. Its fun when we are all pedalling and contributing to the motion. Pilot and co-pilot directing the "flight".

African Americans having fun at the whispering palms pedal boat

Boat Ride

Adults and kids, young and not so young. Take a ride on the pedal boat when you get here. Try our bicycle on water solo or for the family. The pedal boat rides can take up to four persons. If you want the romantic version, try the two seater.

Team Bonding

The battle line is drawn! Who will win the contest? Is it the blue team or the red team. This year's retreat will be war! The blue team have decided to put the red team in their place once and for all. In order to find the true champion, we will assemble at whispering palms badagry and square it out.

kids having fun at the whispering palms pedal boat

Other Activities

The Zoo

Though we don't have a lion or tiger, our zoo have a few monkeys, crocodiles and rabbits. Our famous stubborn donkey may also let you ride him if he is in a good mood. You might like to take a bath afterwards.

Heritage museum

We have on display, a few slave monuments to show you what life was like during the slave trade era. The museum tells a chilling story, and shows you the kind of heavy chains used during the darkest part of our history.

Indoor Games

From table soccer to table tennis, chess to scrabble. Our variety of indoor games give you the opportunity to choose your passion. Don't just stay indoors, come to the reception and we will give you an activity.

outdoor conference at whispering palms badagry

Photo credit: @kvng_dimaria

Don't forget to have fun

We are done telling stories. When you come to Whispering Palms, don't forget to have fun. Tell your own story, share your own experience. Afterall, its better to visit somewhere once than hear about it a thousand times.

Visit us today, come and unwind and have fun. You deserve the holiday, and the best time is now. Don't forget to follow us on social media.